Tell-tale Signs That You Need Roof Repair and Guttering Services

Refurbishing a property in desperate need of more than just the average face lift can be an overwhelming project to take on. This is especially true if making those renovations requires an update to multiple necessary amenities, like plumbing, landscaping or roofing. Most of these amenities are overlooked until it is too late. It can be simpler to know when it's time to replace the plumbing when the toilet or drains back up, but the same could be argued regarding a roof. When the rain comes and leaks occur, roof repairs typically should follow.

The majority of civilization pays attention to the roof only if needed. This behavior, however, can bring about costly repairs over time, and surveys show that the majority of new homeowners want to know the roof is properly intact and when repairs were last performed before buying a house. A well-kept rooftop and gutters can increase the overall value of a home. How can you tell if your roof needs any repairs when time and knowledge about roofs is scarce? Here are some great ways to tell if your roof needs repair; grab a flashlight and start looking for the tell-tale signs.

From the inside

  • Locate areas of the roof that appear to be stained from water damage or consistent leaking
  • Investigate if there are any areas of the roof that appear to be sagging
  • Look out for any dark spots or trails of discoloration
  • Watch for any bits of natural light coming through the roof's surface

From the outside

  • Look for any missing, buckling or rotting shingles (paying close attention to algae build up)
  • Inspect for visible cracks or holes
  • Investigate the area surrounding the chimney or water pipes for any loose debris
  • Check for signs of decay or moisture damage
  • Examine and clear gutters and drains of debris

Gutter systems

You should also inspect your gutters. Functioning gutter systems are just as important as the investment to replace the roof itself. A properly functioning gutter system improves the overall landscaping of a property and prevents erosion to the property's foundation. Often, roofers will suggest the replacement of gutter drains when having a roof redone as due diligence. This may be fact, but it is equally as important for homeowners to do their own inspections prior to agreeing to the addition of such work. If the roof repair team insist that the gutter system should be replaced, be sure to inquire after visual explanation as well as the cost. As tempting as it may be to have the roof repair team handle the replacement or update of gutter systems, all work should be done by a specialist or by gutter system professionals.