3 Reasons to Install Square Downpipes

Not all downpipes are round. You can buy square products. In fact, you could see some extra benefits if you install square downpipes in your home. When is this a good option?

1. You Live in a Modern-Style Home 

Traditional round downpipes typically look better on older styles of building. If your home has a more modern design, then you might not like the way circular downpipes affect the way it looks.

Sometimes, round downpipes look out of place on a sleeker modern home. They look dated. You might feel that they detract from the overall appeal of your property. When you look at your home, your eyes are immediately drawn to the downpipes because they don't blend in from a shape perspective.

In this case, you might find that square downpipes are more cosmetically appealing. Square pipes fit in well with more modern designs. Their angular shape matches the straight and clean lines of these buildings. They will fit in better with the overall design of your home.

2. You Want an Unobtrusive Downpipe Solution

Round downpipes stand out on a wall. This is partly due to the fact that the pipe takes up more room. Its circular shape needs some extra space at the back.

So, you need to sit your downpipes in a fairly forward position away from their walls. These pipes can't sit flush against a surface. They stand out both physically and visually.

Plus, you usually need to attach these downpipes to their walls with brackets. The brackets sit around the pipes and hold them onto the wall. However, brackets also add to the footprint of the downpipe. They also stand out.

Square downpipes don't need to sit away from their walls. You can mount them directly to a surface because they have flat backs. These downpipes have a more subtle look. Plus, you can use hidden brackets to attach them if you want a really smooth and sleek look.

3. You Want More Effective Water Flow

While round downpipes are designed to carry water off your gutters, they can't always cope with high volumes. Square downpipes might be a better option for you if your local area has heavy bouts of rainfall during the year.

Square downpipes can usually carry more water than a comparably-sized round pipe. Their internal area is bigger.

To find out more about square downpipes and how they will work on your home, contact local roofing companies and ask about their guttering systems.