Information You Require When It Comes To Strata Roof Repairs

A strata roof is a commonly shared property which is owned by everyone who has a lot in the building. Roofs are known to last for a very long time. However, certain things can lead to their destruction: for instance, a massive wind courtesy of a natural disaster or even the use of unskilled craft in the construction of the roof. The repair done to a strata roof is different to any other typical roof as this is owned by several people who own lots in the building. When there is a problem with the strata roof that needs repair, the owners corporation takes responsibility. However, if the problem was a result of vandalism by one of the lot owners, then he or she is held responsible for the repair. Some of the necessary information when it comes to strata roof repair is outlined below.

Calling for Repairs

When a defect has been spotted in the strata roof, then it is mandatory for a repair to be planned to ensure the issue is fixed and people can live well in the building. Living under a problematic roof can be hard. This is because, as a lot owner, you will be prone to changes in weather. You may also have to face the struggle of dealing with wild animals which love roof spaces such as bats at night. The first thing to do when this occurs is for the lot owners to advise the strata managing agent about the existing problem. If the holder in the position is not available, then the next person to be advised will be the secretary of the owners corporation. Both figures of authority will look to assess the issue and provide a leeway for solutions. The solution depends on the complexity of the problem.

Minor Roof Repair

When the roof problem is of no big significance, then the strata managing agent or the secretary of the owners corporation will go ahead and call for repair immediately. There will be no need for the strata to hold any meeting as it would seem like a waste of time on an insignificant matter. The two authority figures will contact a roofing company who will send a representative to fix the issue.

Major Roof Repair

When the roof problem is of importance, then a higher approach will be used to tackle the issue. This will include a strata committee or the owners corporation meeting intended to delegate the way forward in addressing the issue. The meeting will also determine and authorise the repair expenditure as well as decide the necessary actions to take in sorting out the entire problem.