Gutter Replacements Extend the Life of Your Home

If you love your home, you better pay close attention to the state of your gutters. Gutters are important for controlling rainwater and preventing it from damaging your roof and outside walls. As useful as water is, it can be of damage to many parts of your home if not properly controlled.

The reality is that your gutters will need constant replacement. Gutter replacements are always necessary after several months or after experiencing bad weather conditions that may have damaged them. Either way, having the proper gutter replacement services handy can help you restore your gutters to full working condition in no time.

Types of Gutters

There are two main types of gutters used in homes and buildings; sectional and seamless gutters.

Sectional Gutters

Traditionally, sectional gutters were a great option for homes because they could be manufactured in separate sections and assembled to fit homes of all types. Made of galvanized metal, they were flexible and convenient options for controlling rainwater, regardless of the size of your home.

Seamless gutters

Advancements in home design have led to the development of more efficient gutter systems. Referred to as seamless gutters, this new design uses a single piece of aluminum that is molded to the length of a specific home. Interestingly, seamless gutters have become a popular option for homes because they are more effective at controlling rainwater. They also break down less often because they don't consist of multiple separate sheets that are tied together. What's more? They are less prone to corrosion and decay.

Benefits of Gutters

Maintain your home's foundation

Allowing rainwater to accumulate near the home can lead to a destabilized foundation. Water can sip into the ground and penetrate the foundation material. Gutters therefore help to redirect rainwater further from the foundation of the home.

Prevents damage to floors

Rainwater can penetrate and damage the floors of your home if it is left to freely accumulate very close to your property. Gutters safeguard your floors against damage due to rainwater.

Prevents damage to outside walls

Whether made of siding, brick, or stone, water constantly pounding your outside walls can lead to stains, water damage and erosion. Gutters therefore help to extend the life of your exterior walls.

Gutter replacements

If your gutters need to be replaced, make sure you look for dependable gutter replacement services. The gutter replacements should be seamless, made of high quality aluminum, and installed by experienced professionals. Businesses offering gutter replacements should also be insured and offer a warranty/guarantee for their work.