The Lingo of Sustainable Roofs: Eco-friendly Roofing Options for the Low-Budget Homeowner

Is a new roof the big-ticket item you hope to tick off in your next remodeling project? An eco-friendly roof can do more than simply protect you and your home from the elements. Sustainable roofs are long lasting, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and they look great and fit your budget.

Here are eco-friendly roofing options that are great for your home and budget.

White Roofs

Every environmentally conscious homeowner agrees that black roofs should be replaced, and what better way to do that than replacing them with their opposite — white roofs. Also known as a cool roof, white roofs are effective at reflecting heat back into the atmosphere.

This means your roof can lower the temperatures inside your home, which significantly reduces your summer energy bills and at the same time helps deter the heat island effect in urban areas.

You can go for a white metal roof rather than white asphalt shingles since metal can be recycled.

Standing seam metal roofs

Standing seam metal roofs have been popping up everywhere in the block, and for good reasons. Not long ago the only least expensive roofing option for the average homeowner was asphalt shingles. Other than being impossible to recycle, asphalt shingles are influenced by oil prices, as they are petroleum based, and after enough seasons, they are worn down to the core.

On the other hand, standing seam metal roofs are a completely different animal. They are extremely long lasting, light reflective and entirely recyclable. Although they are more expensive compared to asphalt shingles, they are a great investment for every green homeowner. Consider a lighter metal roof made with recycled content to ramp up on the green factor.

Reclaimed Clay Tile Roof

There is no doubt that clay has an incredibly long lifespan.  So long, in fact, that the tiles will most likely outlast other components of an average pitched roof such as the underlay and fixings. Durable and yet natural, clay tiles can last up to a hundred years, which makes them even more long-lasting than metal.

Other than the classic red colours, clay tiles can also come in lighter colours, which offer cool roof benefits. Consider salvaged tiles, as they are the greenest option since they keep usable tiles out of the landfills.

Sustainable wood shingle and wood shake roof

Wood shingles and shakes have a natural, rustic aesthetic that makes them a perennial favourite for the homeowner who loves a traditional look. Natural and biodegradable, sustainable wood shingles and shakes from carefully managed forests are a good roofing option if you prefer a rustic handmade look.

Wood shingles add authenticity, especially to homes with a traditional architectural style that other roofing types simply can't provide.