Why Pre-Engineered Trusses Are a Better Bet for Your New Roofing Business

Have you recently set up your own business within the construction industry and intend to specialise in roofing? If so, you may already have some experience as a tradesman or -woman and are familiar with traditional methodology, even though you may have been used to working with joist roof framing as a preference. If you're really going to expand your business and make a name for yourself, it might be a good idea for you to shift to using pre-engineered trusses instead, as they are taking the roofing industry by storm. Why should you get on the bandwagon here?

Coping With the Bigger Game

You may have noticed that homeowners are deciding to build larger houses than ever to give their families plenty of room to move and to allow for future growth. In turn, this means that the infrastructure demand is greater and, specifically, the roof has to be more substantial as well.

In order to cope with greater distances and bigger loads, you need to consider trusses. Otherwise, you will struggle to cover those extra distances with traditional joist framing and will need to introduce extra support columns as a consequence. You may please the architects and designers if you suggest pre-engineered trusses instead, as this will give them a freer hand to lay out the living space.

Cost-Effective and Weatherproof

As you undoubtedly know, a great deal of work is required on site if you are to employ traditional joist framing. This will inevitably add to the cost, but it could also delay the project if you were to experience a lot of inclement weather. Pre-engineered trusses built at a remote factory with less external pressures and more expertise on hand. You can avoid delays and costs if you follow this route and will be able to focus more on installation when these joists arrive, maximising your expertise.

Easier to Remodel

Finally, some of your projects may involve remodelling an existing home. If you do so, you need to take into account existing load-bearing walls within the property when you try to upgrade the roof. This can be a challenging undertaking, but it pales into insignificance when you choose pre-engineered trusses. After all, these products place most of the load on the exterior walls, and this will make it much easier to remodel the property.

More Information

As you plan the development of your new business, have a word with roof truss manufacturers so that you can get all the details.