Why most people do roof repointing?

A sturdy roof will boost the durability of the whole structure. Therefore, it would be wise to monitor your tiled roof restoration regularly. With time, your roof may succumb to wear and tear. Does your roof have loose tiles? Then you need a roof repointing.

Defining roof repointing

Roof repointing is the process of adding more mortar on the old ones. Although your tiles could be durable, the pointing holding them together may need reapplication from time to time. This process boosts the hold on your roof tiles. During roof repointing, you will add a polymer compound or mortar which will give a firm grip on your roofing tiles.

The importance of roof repointing

Repointing will prevent mould growth as well as water damage. The worn-out mortar will allow water or moisture into your house. The water and excess moisture will enable mould growth inside your premises, and the moulds will damage your property.

If your roof is leaking, then the excess water will cause rotting of the wood. This reaction will make the structure weaker and begin to crack. When the rot gets to your supporting beams and joists, then your ceiling and roof will be on the verge of collapsing.

Leaky Roofs

Do you live in a flood-prone area? Without roof repointing, the leaking roof may allow rainwater to get to your basement. Such exposure of water to the house's cement foundation will make it susceptible to breaking and crumbling. In some instances, the house will lose its structural integrity since it will begin bowing inwards in the basement.

Roof repointing is necessary because it will prevent the loose roof tiles from shifting or falling off. Loose roof tiles are dangerous and could fall off and cause injury.

Maintaining Beauty 

Repointing your roof will also maintain its beauty longer. It is an excellent way to maintain a good condition of the roof tiles. Even when the tiles fade, as long as they are intact and not damaged, they will still have an impressive look.

Just like other repairs, regular roof repointing is cheaper and more manageable than the cost of roof replacement or doing major roof repairs. Keep in mind that a surfeit of roofing warranties also need routine maintenance checks for the warranty to be valid.

Wrapping it up

To prevent your house ceiling or floor from collapsing, you will have to conduct regular roof repointing. There is a glut of damages that come with a leaking roof such as mould growth. Excess moisture and roof leaks are significant indicators of a failing repointing. Look for someone near you who could provide roof repointing services.