Why Timber Wall Frames Are Still The Best Option For Most New Homeowners

When beginning the construction of a house you want to make a home for the foreseeable future the first thing you need to decide on is the materials. There are many options ranging from synthetic plastics to heavy-duty metals but one material still remains the king when it comes to internal structures. Timber wall frames are the best option for almost every new homeowner and there are many reasons why. If you haven't considered timber wall frames yet then here are a few points that will likely make you reconsider.

Insulation And Cooling

Australia is an exceptionally hot country for most of the year. Timber wall frames have a unique ability to cool far quicker than heavier and less responsive materials like metal, brick and plastics. What this means in practical terms is that when you turn on your air conditioner it will take less time to adequately cool a room with timber wall frames than it would with, say, metal alternatives. If you take cooling seriously then there is a clear leader amongst the pack of options when it comes to wall frames.

Simple Construction

When doing research for materials you might stumble upon a few materials that are cutting edge and seem to be the way of the future. Unfortunately, often those materials are available in extremely limited quantities and cost a lot of money, if they are even available. The simple fact is there is yet to be a material that can displace timber wall frames for their cost-effectiveness and predictability in the market. That means that every construction contractor will know how to source quality timber with little problems. This also means if anything goes wrong with construction you can easily and quickly find replacement parts. For more rare materials you might have to wait for them to be shipped in and this can cost thousands as the whole production grinds to a standstill while you wait.

Very Little Wasted Money

Money is often a big concern when building your first house. Timber is not only quite affordable but it creates a lot less wastage compared to comparable materials. It is not unusual to finish a wall frame made out of metal or masonry and find you have far too much material left over. The material that is leftover from timber wall frames is also very easily recycled, or you can keep it if you are keen on woodworking. It is not just about the initial cost of the materials but the efficiency of that money and with timber you can sleep soundly know almost none of it will be wasted.