Benefits of Metal Roofing for a Home

Replacing your home roofing is a major decision that requires deliberation over the merits of the various materials. One option worth considering is metal roofing — its benefits are outlined below.


If you replace the roofing with a long-lasting material, you won't have to worry about doing so again for ages. Thus, compare the longevity of various materials. Metal sheet roofing typically lasts for many decades. 

Metal roofs feature sophisticated coatings that resist elements like rain, hail, sun and snow. For example, galvanised steel is encased in zinc. Other metal sheets are wrapped in a zinc-aluminium alloy. Different versions undergo a powder-coating process that melds polyester paint on top for extra protection. These state-of-the-art coatings guard against rust, which means your roof will require fewer repairs also.

Environmental Benefits

If you want to reduce the environmental impact of your upgrade, you can achieve this by selecting recyclable materials like metal. Once a steel roof reaches the end of its life span, it can be recycled and shaped into another functional metal object. Thus, you'll not be using a material with only one use that will eventually contribute to waste and get hidden away in a landfill.

Cooling Powers

You can install a metal roof that's covered with a reflective solar heat membrane, which will help to keep your home cooler and thus lower air conditioning bills. Remember that pale colours reflect more heat than darker shades, so light coloured metal helps to keep a building comfortable in a hot climate, in particular.

Additionally, metal doesn't absorb heat, so a steel roof will allow cooling breezes to freshen your home in the evening. You can combine metal roofing with ceiling insulation to help your home remain warm in the winter. Thus, you can customise the roofing to suit diverse climates.

Style Options

You won't be limited in style options with metal roofing. Pick between corrugation styles that complement diverse architectures. For example, select a wavy or square profile. Metal sheets offer many colour choices also, including greens, browns, greys and reds. Available colours suit heritage, modern and rustic buildings, plus others. Thus, you'll have no problem finding a flattering roof colour to enhance your home's curb view. When choosing a colour, factor in the external walls and window trim. Contrast the roof with the siding by choosing a different hue or a lighter or darker shade of the same colour. Your roofers can advise on potential colour options.

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