Time To Bring Them Home? 4 Areas To Improve When Building A Granny Flat

If you have an aging parent that you need to care for, the best thing you can do is build a granny flat. You might think that you should keep your parent in your home, but that's not necessarily the case. A granny flat allows you to provide the care your parent needs, while still giving them the privacy and independence they want. Granny flats are easy to build, and can be constructed right on your property. Best of all, they can be purchased as a DIY kit. That means you don't need to hire a contractor to handle the construction. If you've decided to build a granny flat, you'll want to take the construction to the next level. That way, you know that you're providing the perfect home for your parent. Here are four areas you should pay close attention to. 

Upgraded Roof

If you're building a granny flat for your aging parent, you want to focus on more than the four walls. You also want to focus on the roof. The roof provides more than just a cover for the home. The roof also provides protection from the elements, as well as increased energy efficiency. To make sure the granny flat you build is able to provide the protection your parent needs, be sure to upgrade the roof. 


Rains can get quite heavy in Australia. Without proper protection, homes can sustain significant water damage. That's why it's important that you provide sufficient waterproofing for your granny home. This should include adequate drainage around the exterior of the flat, as well as sealant on any concrete surfaces. As an added protection, you should also protect the roof with a waterproof membrane. 

Solar Panels

When you're building your granny flat, you need to consider the energy supply. You'll want to wire the flat for electricity. However, if you want to keep energy costs to a bare minimum, don't forget to install solar panels. Solar panels are an excellent addition to any granny flat. They ensure that your parent will have access to a reliable power supply, while you can enjoy lower energy bills. 


Finally, if you plan to build a granny flat for your aging parent, you need to plan for their safety and comfort. One way to do both is to install an automation system. This is especially important if you need to provide monitoring for your parent. Home automation will allow you to control lighting, door locks, and temperature from your smartphone or computer. 

Talk to a granny flat kit supplier to learn more.