Planning Your New Roof? How To Improve Energy Efficiency

If you're designing the roof for your new home, don't forget about energy efficiency. Temperatures can get pretty hot during the summer in Australia. Without the right design, your home can lose a lot of energy through the roof. This is especially true during the summer. If you're not sure how to make your new roof more energy efficient, read the list below. You'll find four steps to help you improve the energy efficiency of your new roof.

3 Reasons to Install Square Downpipes

Not all downpipes are round. You can buy square products. In fact, you could see some extra benefits if you install square downpipes in your home. When is this a good option? 1. You Live in a Modern-Style Home  Traditional round downpipes typically look better on older styles of building. If your home has a more modern design, then you might not like the way circular downpipes affect the way it looks.

Tips on Choosing a Skylight or a Sun Tunnel for Your Home

If you want to bring more daylight into your home, you may wonder whether to install a skylight or a sun tunnel. Here are several tips to help you choose the best option. Outside View If you want an extended outdoor view, you should fit a skylight rather than a sun tunnel. A skylight is like a vertical window but on the ceiling. Being able to see the sky will create a connection with the natural world.